When Relationship Controls Life, That Is The Time When You Must LET IT GO

Avani Poddar

Ending any relationship is difficult. When you are in a relationship you must feel good at all times. The point where you start feeling that the relationship has become a burden is the time when you must end it. It is going to be a very difficult process, but you must not forget that not all relationships are destined to last a lifetime. A real relationship is made up of individuals who promise to love and take care of one another. It's easy when someone shows up in your life making you feel special, professing their love for you but the tough part is demonstrating that love with consistency and sincerity.

Love is a strong feeling which cannot disappear overnight. It takes months, years and sometimes decades to be just you. Breaking up leaves a wound deep inside your heart making you believe that it would never heal. But don't worry, it will heal, you will have to be patient with yourself. The human soul has the capacity to overcome almost anything. Let go of the thought that you can not heal from something which has deeply wounded you. Open yourself up to the most transformative and powerful things in your life.

Here are ways that you can let go of a past relationship and move on:


#1. Acceptance


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Accept the fact that the relationship has come to an end. Acceptance is the most important step in letting go a past relationship. Let yourself process the loss and grieve for sometime. Take your time and allow your emotions to calm. Immerse yourself in group activities. Do all those things that give you inner peace and happiness. Don't bottle in your feelings. Embrace them and acknowledge them. Meditation could be helpful. 


#2. Realize he/she is not the “one” for you


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A major reason why you can’t let it go is because you keep fantasizing about him/her as the one for you. If two people want to be together,  no matter how insurmountable the obstacles be, they will overcome it. It's not about the perfect place or the perfect time. It's about how two people can be together and make a relationship perfect. If he/she is the right person, you both would have been together irrespective of the circumstances.


#3. Seek help from your friends


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Share this news with your friends who could help and support you during this period. Cry your heart out in front of them. Ask them to be with you whenever you feel weak. Talk to them, party hard and spend as much time you can with your besties. You have the right to demand it from them!


#4. Cut off contact with him/her


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Reducing contact with the person at the initial phase of the break-up can help you in moving on faster. This doesn't mean that you cannot maintain a friendship with your ex, but it’s usually best to allow both parties to heal. Hanging on to the old relics of the past relationship may prevent you from moving on with your life. Keep the pictures, gifts, letters, greeting cards out of sight, till the time you are ready to handle them.


#5. Focus on “yourself”


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The entire process has caused a lot of damage. You are not the same person. Focus on empowering yourself. Work on your relationship with yourself. Start loving and respecting yourself. Let go of any resentment you have against the relationship. Realize that you cannot change your past and the future has a lot in store for you. Welcome your new life with open arms.

The term “forever” is misguiding. Everything including friends, family and lovers come in your life and once done with their task, they eventually go away. Appreciate the good moments you had, forget the bitter experiences and let them go in exchange for a brighter future.