Global Citizen Aiming To End Poverty By 2030! Not As Unrealistic As It May Seem

Sruthi P Nambiar

Hugh Evans is truly an amazing person. There are many people who talk about ending poverty and making education, food and hygienic lifestyle available to every single soul on this planet. But, there are very few who try and work hard on it. Hugh Evans is one of those people who have set their goals and are working tirelessly towards it. Who are walking the talk.

Global Citizen is one of the biggest movements in the world. Their ideas and goals may sound far fetched but are very real and achievable. The tools are right in our hands; we just need to use them. Every little you do helps in the growth of this world. Hugh Evans believes that, since we are all citizens of the same world, we are equally responsible for the growth and fall of our world. We all need to contribute. 


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Hugh Evans’ journey as an activist started at the age of 12 when his friends and himself raised money, on behalf of his high school, for developing countries. This enthusiasm helped him when he was awarded for his deed and sent to Philippines to learn more. It was then that he came across and boy named Sunny Boy. His lifestyle moved him into being more serious about his actions. He decided that he needed to do something to change his surroundings, it was high time to get out of his sweet-life-bubble.  

Once he came back to his home country, Australia, he started volunteering in his community. Soon he realized that it was this community, and many others like it around the world, that can help us grow. He then went on to bring the ‘Make Poverty History’ campaign to Australia with his college friend. It was a dream that started as a small concert by the Australian musicians, to get the attention of the locals. But to their surprise, they were joined by artists like Bono, the Edge and Pearl Jam, who agreed to be part of their concert. This brought in a lot of attention. The government agreed to double the investment for global health and development.

The high didn’t last long. And here is when, Hugh Evans learned that he could not depend on world leaders to take up the charge and keep up with it. He decided that it was us, as the citizens of this world, who had to take up the global responsibility. There are many of us out there, wanting to move mountains but do not know where to push. Some not motivated enough and some who don’t feel like they can make a big change.

Global Citizen was co-founded by Hugh Evans, Simon Moss, Wei Soo in 2008 and are based in New York with more branches in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. They later went on to creating a larger platform in the 2012 as Global Citizen Festival to encourage more and more people into waking up. This festival uses the power of music to pull in many more citizens into this movement. To enter this festival one must take action to bring in some change. Your deeds earn you your ticket into the festival where you will get to socialize with citizens alike you and even have a great time with extraordinary music. Not just that, you get to hear speakers who are Queens, Prime Ministers, Presidents and Vice Presidents of different countries. Celebrities from around the world make special appearances and giving you a performance that you will never forget. You come out energized and determined into wanting to change the world, even more so than you already did. 


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There are more of us out there willing to do a lot but need the right helping hand. Global Citizen is that hand. It appreciates every little that you do and encourages you to do more. Hugh Evans, is probably the face of the organization but he alone can only do so much. It is only by standing together and doing our individual duties that we can help the rise of our world. It is not just poverty but also, education, gender equality, hygiene and many more issues that need our attention. Global Citizen has had a great start but it is up to us to take it forth and make it greater. To not let that high fade.   


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Take your first step. Join the Global Citizen.


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