Falling In Love? Here’s A List Of Must Dos Before You Get Into A Relationship

Sruthi P Nambiar

Being a girl myself I can only speak for fellow girls. I can tell you, why I think, that it is mandatory for a girl to be single and live alone for at least few months or more in her life. Many of us girls have not got the chance to experience it. Some don’t get the approval of their parents, some want to live with their best friends and some are in a long term relationship. But there are also some out there who have got the chance of experiencing the true meaning of “me time”. 

This “me time” is very important. Here are some reasons to tell you why;


#1  Sing out loud with some loud music!


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We have all want to sing. Now, it is another topic to whether one is talented enough to sing beautifully or no. But we all want to sing. We want to sing at the top of our lungs but we are too afraid to be judged. You then get yourself to sing in the shower, but let’s face it, there is always someone with their ears glued to the door hoping to hear you are recording you. Oh, I don’t know, maybe that annoying little sibling!

But it is not so when you are living alone. You can sing out as loud as you want with no one judging you. You can even sing those embarrassing songs that others find to be “uncool”.


#2  Rock the t-shirt look!


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Yeah. Yeah. You can do that with your boyfriend around or even your family. But not as freely as you can with just you in the house. Trust me, girl. You can walk around with all those nearly torn clothes that your mother has been insisting you to throw away. You can wear a complete ridiculous onesie and you have no one asking to go and change it because it is too unpleasing to their eye. You only have yourself to please! Wear clothes, wear no clothes, your wish.


#3  Time for some towel dance!


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We have all seen those movies where the girls step out with just a towel wrapped around them, dancing around in them with no care of it falling off. Well, you can’t exactly do it when you are living with your family. You sure can do it in that room of yours behind closed doors. Now combine that with the loud singing and a whole house at your disposal. Wouldn’t it just be the best!


#4  Loads of chill time!


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We all love to meet with our family and friends. But doesn’t it just feel great to come back to an empty home? A home where you can quickly change out of those tight dresses and high heels and just get into those baggy old pants and hoodies. Now that is something one must experience.


So, before you get into a serious relationship, take some time off, move out of your old room to fill a new room with some new stuff.

But it is not just for the fun of it. The free singing, dancing and clothing choices help you build up a self-image. All of these things help you grow as a person.

So let free. And be a lazy, messy and awkward girl.  Fall in love with yourself before you fall for someone else.


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