Are You Confused About What Career To Take After School? Before Reaching A Conclusion, This Is What You Need To Know.

Arya Sharan

Ever wondered why our parents were so much in favour of us choosing Engineering and Medical and against us even thinking about some other stream as our career option?

We all hated our parents for that but we were not completely sure of our choices either. Some of us did want to pursue writing, some wanted to choose dance, some saw life in music, where some dreamt of becoming a photographer. But why weren’t we sure of our abilities and talents?  We didn't ever know what we actually wanted to become since we were always influenced by the perks a particular job offered. As a kid, I always wanted to become a pilot for I wanted to fly, fly above the clouds and see how the world looked being at the top. As a teenager, I wanted to be a film star because of the fame and money it promised. But, after my secondary boards, I was in utter confusion as what to take up as my career choice.

The reason behind this widely subjective question is because we were surrounded by thoughts and views of the society where what we required was to know our own strengths and weaknesses and the proper knowledge about other subjects and career choices.

Here are some reasons why career counseling is a must for the students in school:


1. All of us are not the same

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As we all know that every individual is different from the other and the first step of the process of career counselling involves scientifically generated aptitude and personality tests that help the counselor understand the child’s capacities and then give the best-suited career advice to the student based on the test results.


2. Our parents would know us better

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In the sessions of career counseling, the parents and teachers should also be involved so that they are able to understand our interests better, they get to know about the job opportunities in our desired fields and also so that later they can support us wholeheartedly about our career choices.


3. Information helps you make intelligent choices

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The correct career analysis sessions help the students to know the advantages and disadvantages of the different fields and the profession scenario it provides. All of this accumulated knowledge helps the student in making an informed choice, and get a career review that helps avoid confusion later in life.


4. You learn to trust yourself

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The age when a student is in high school is one of the most vulnerable phases of human life and we tend to be very insecure about our skills and beliefs. And, that’s where career counselling does the trick, it motivates us to accept our individuality and choose our career accordingly.


5. You choose what makes you happy

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Although nobody can rule out the monetary benefits of any job but contentment and job satisfaction is also an important part. So, if we choose what we are going to do there are more chances that we will never be bored of the work that we have to do.


Everyone wants to become successful and a little help making choices won’t hurt.