Break The Shackles: How To Deal With The Pressure Of Board Exams With A Cool Mind

Arya Sharan

March is the season of exams, the horrifying boards; the month in which writing well on some sheets of paper is considered to be the most valuable deeds of life.

One day or the other, everyone has to go through this ordeal and many of us already know what it means to face the 12th Board Exams.

Relatives, teachers, parents and the society are all charged up to make us more anxious at this already troublesome period of our life.

Here are some things that we just need to know to deal with exams, results and their consequences:


Exams don't measure our intelligence


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Education is important and exams are a good way of assessing what we have studied but let’s face it, exams don’t evaluate our knowledge. The board exam result is an infinitesimal calculation of a person's actual merit and understanding of any particular stream.


Memorizing stuff is not a practical solution in the long run

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The Indian Education System provides us with this unnecessary and impractical choice to fare well in the exams by mugging up everything from, ‘The Road Not Taken’ to the lengthy integration problems. And that had this clear message that whoever remembers it all, scores in it all. This formula of memorizing everything just doesn’t work in real life. 


There's much more to life than the percentage


Every single person around us has no clear memory of what they scored in their 12th boards because that has much smaller significance in life than our passion, our dedication towards life and the relations that we share with others.


Our dreams, our choice


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Although our relatives do look over concerned about our exams and the results and bring us up to give advice regarding our future but the worst we could do is to believe what the society feels about our skills. It should be our and only our choice to select the field that we want to work in.


Concentration and isolation are NOT related


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Isolation from people is not an option. Yes, during exam times we are asked to abandon all contact with human life and with the world of television & social media too. That does help us concentrate but social skills are also important in life and those should not be slaughtered in the name of the study.


Health is Wealth


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There is no need of pulling all-nighters just because others are doing so. Some of us can’t stay awake at night till late and it is important that we don’t force our body into things because exams may pass but tormenting our body will harm it in the long run.




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Though most of the parents might not entertain this idea but it is important to take regular intervals from studying to relax our body and mind.


Failure and Success are unavoidable parts of life


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Nobody wants to fail but even if we don’t do well enough in our board exams, that failure should be looked upon as an opportunity to learn to move on and improve. Failure is a great teacher and that will make us learn how to comprehend the setbacks that we are often going to face in life.

School, syllabus, education, exams, and results are all part of our life where at times we fail and sometimes we succeed however maturity lies in knowing what Thomas Edison once said, "Tomorrow is my exam, but I don't care because a single sheet of paper can't decide my future".