These Brilliant Movies By Christopher Nolan Make Him An Indisputable Genius Of The Cine World

Arya Sharan

Movies come and go but Christopher Nolan creates magic each time he strikes on the screen. Nolan has so easily portrayed the intricacies of the human psychology and the real world that he has outdone his own brilliance with every movie that he has made.

Each one of his movies is a masterpiece but given below are the five best movies that will blow your mind away with the amount of creativity and authenticity of human emotions involved:


The Dark Knight (2008)

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Based on the comic-book narratives of the Caped Crusader: Batman and being the sequel to its first part Batman Begins, The Dark Knight is undoubtedly Nolan’s best work till date. Revolving around a battle between the Batman & The Joker, the movie parallelly talks about crime & justice, faith & hope, good & evil and rules & chaos. Where Christian Bale did complete justice to his roles as the Batman and Bruce Wayne, Heath Ledger pulled out an act that is known to be best villainous character ever in the history of Hollywood. Harvey Dent’s internal conflicts, Rachel’s irresolute stand in the circumstances, Alfred’s firm loyalty towards Master Wayne and Gordon’s focused yet twitchy commissioner; the characters and their placements with respect to the neutral thought that it chooses to propagate made this movie a clear remark on the so-called morality of the society. And when Joker tells the Batman, “I think you and I are destined to do this forever", you know how perpetually scary yet existent the clash of humanity & politics it is and is going to be.


Interstellar (2014)


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A thoughtful attempt at capturing family ties, separations and the surge of feelings, Interstellar is Nolan’s first effort to bring on the screen an audacious tale of father and daughter with a background of a complex and quite intricately woven scientific plot of searching whether life could sustain on another planet. Though the movie is a class apart from the sci-fi movies that are being made but at times it does require a careful amount of knowledge of physics otherwise it will act as a tangent to your circular head. Matthew McConaughey’s emotional yet attentive act as Cooper was fairly believable and smartly directed.


Inception (2010)


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Nolan’s Inception starring Leonardo Di Caprio is an unsettling yet an intriguing experience revolving around the oldest clichés of the world of a man choosing self-destruction to get the woman he once loved. Sounds simple, right? But Inception is a turbulent dreamworld where the thin line between reality and illusion is carefully drawn and maintained. The ending is subjective and is typical of Nolan as he likes to keep his movie open to perceptions by the audience.


The Prestige (2006)

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With some brilliant piece of acting by Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman and Michael Caine, The Prestige remains one of the most celebrated movies of Nolan about human emotions, competition, magic, fiction and ruthlessness of the feeling of revenge.  As Michael Caine’s opening voiceover states, like a film, every magic trick consists of three acts: the Pledge, the Turn, and the Prestige. And this movie grows to become more magical with every other watching.


Momento (2000)


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The first movie of its kind, Momento is a hard plot to execute as it begins with the climax and follows through. In the movie, Guy Pearce plays a man suffering from short-term memory loss that uses tattoos to help him hunt the man who he thinks killed his wife. We see the movie from the narrator’s perspective who is erratic and indecisive in himself and Nolan’s screenplay makes the movie’s storyline look more clever. It is one of the most intelligently accomplished plots that makes Momento so special to the audience.

Let us know which masterpiece by Nolan is your favourite!