Merge Your Brain With Computers. Elon Musk Pushes Artificial Intelligence To An All New Level

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Are you an Ironman fan?  And, also a Cyborg fan? Do you love the way Cyborg from the Justice League uses his brain to do things normal people cannot even think of? Don’t you want to do it his way? How amazing would it be if you could use the internet without a device, retrieving information in your brain itself and communicate with people without actual talking? Ah, the mere thought of it gives goosebumps because then no one would fail any exam. An awesome world would it be.

Now, are you thinking why I asked whether you are an Ironman fan? Because the Ironman has himself taken the initiative to build Cyborgs. No, not the reel Ironman- Tony Stark but the real one- Elon Musk.

Not content with conquering the space with SpaceX, electric cars with Tesla and solar power with SolarCity, Elon Musk wants your brain now. So, what’s the plan?

According to a Wall Street Journal Report, Musk is starting a new brain-computer interface venture known as NeuraLink Corp. The company would be using neural-lace technology to merge computer with your brain. In order to keep pace with the developing AI while keeping human beings in the top position, NeuraLink intends to implant electrodes in our brains mixed with artificial intelligence, and use this to increase our mental output.



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“Max Hodak, who said he is a ‘member of the founding team,’ confirmed the company’s existence and Mr. Musk’s involvement,” said the WSJ. “He described the company as ‘embryonic' and said plans are still in flux but declined to provide additional details.”

The SpaceX founder has given hints about the company in a number of recent events. Very recently, replying to a crowd in Dubai, he said, “Over time I think we will probably see a closer merger of biological intelligence and digital intelligence.” He further added, “It's mostly about the bandwidth, the speed of the connection between your brain and the digital version of yourself, particularly output."

He later, himself cleared the doubts concerning the company on twitter saying that the further details about his new venture will come in the magazine, "Wait But Why" in the next week.

As of now, such brain-computer interfaces exist only in science fictions. In the medical realm, electrode arrays are put to use in neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy. Cases, where electrodes have been inserted into the human skull, are very rare for the threat it poses to human life.

In spite of the difficulties this idea has got, the futurists of Silicon Valley are leaving no stones unturned to make the human brain wired and effective. A start-up initiated by the Braintree co-founder Bryan Johnson, Kernel, is also trying to enhance human cognition. The Kernel team is working hard to reverse the effects of neurodegenerative diseases by making our brains faster and smarter.

In an interview to The Verge, Bryan said, “We know if we put a chip in the brain and release electrical signals, that we can ameliorate symptoms of Parkinson's”. He added, “This has been done for spinal cord pain, obesity, anorexia… what hasn’t been done is the reading and writing of neural code.” Johnson says Kernel’s goal is to “work with the brain the same way we work with other complex biological systems like biology and genetics.”

We have great expectations from Bryan and his team but Elon Musk remains the real hero. It seems that every day this man is pushing the human race forward, be it his rocket reusability in SpaceX or cost effective electric cars or his innovative works in SolarCity, he is actually redefining technology every single day. With his new venture, NeuraLink, he is all set to create a new generation of smarter human beings. Let’s wait until we become Cyborgs.

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