Brought Up In A Middle Class Family? 15 Funny Things You Can Certainly Relate Yourself With

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The Indian middle class is the most amazing set of people on earth and their habits are seriously groundbreaking. If you are a middle-class Indian, the way you were brought up must be awesome. Right from the ‘chappal’ shots you must have often faced to the free ‘dhania-mirch’ you are supposed to get while buying vegetables, life is incredible beyond imagination. ‘Jugaad’ serves the lifeline and we are proud of it. The middle-class India is occupied between sending their kids to the expensive IIMs and making both ends meet. That is what makes the middle-class people awesome as hell.

Here is a list of 15 funny things you can relate yourself with if you were brought up in a middle-class family.


#1. There is always some toothpaste left


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Even after it has been a long time since you have been using a particular toothpaste and there’s hardly any in the tube, there’s still some left if you are a middle class Indian. When the power of Hercules cannot bring any paste out of the tube, it will be cut into two halves and your toothbrush will strive very hard to get the last bit of the paste out.


#2. Me: Mom I need some money

       Mom:  But I already gave you Rs.100 in 2001


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This incident is universal. Every time I ask for money, I will be reminded of the last time I asked for any and then I will be questioned that where did I spend that money.


#3. This omnipresent utensil set


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Every middle-class household has got this set of utensils and that too at least a dozen.


#4. When relatives’ offers are rejected by parents, this is how I feel inside


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Every time some relatives come home or we go to see them, they would offer some money at the end. My mom will interfere saying there is no need. That is the time when I seriously hate her. What’s the need? When was the last time you gave me any money?


#5. The middle-class weather forecast department


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This Parachute determines climatic conditions in all households. I believe I am not the only one.


#6. The Ungrateful parents

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There has never been a single time when I am not scolded for buying a bouquet or a card on anyone’s birthday or my parent’s marriage anniversary.


#7. The oversize dress I have been wearing until I actually stopped growing anymore

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As a kid I don’t remember there has been anytime I have had a fitting dress. While shopping for me, my parents always bought oversized clothes.


#8. This ultimate storage solution

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A large plastic bag is used to keep other plastic bags and that is available in all middle-class homes.


#9. The middle-class theater experience


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Not always, but most of the time it happens. Mom will say, “The coffee and chips in theaters are very costly. We can go out and have them. Why waste money here?”


#10. The sarcastic Indian mom

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This encouragement had undermined my confidence to an extent that I hesitated to pick up a dish until I was 15. LOL.


#11. This ultimate protection technique


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Mom: Don’t remove the cover otherwise it would get dirty.

Me: We can clean it as well.

Mom: But, who will pay for buying the cleaner?

Me (in mind): Keep quiet. I can’t win an argument with a lady.


#12. Removing the gift wrapper to use it again


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This is still okay. But at times, mom would just say to remove the wrapper in such a way that the tape can also be reused.


#13. Don’t order starters and desserts in a restaurant


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I remember I was always told this before leaving. It always got me angry then. Now, I think it was fun.


#14. No one can answer this question, I bet.


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Like seriously, you wanna have that bottle?


#15. And this responsibility

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I was never able to count the number of “cooker ki seeties” while watching my favourite shows. I would just turn off the TV and sit there waiting and the three “seeties” would just take forever.

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