Amazing Scientific Reasons You Probably Didn’t Know As Why Having A Cat Pet Is Awesome

Arya Sharan

We all love cats even when it's doing nothing or just lying down with legs perched up and eyes half closed. And, we all have wondered whether it is sensible to adopt a cat as a pet or not or whether a cat is as beneficial as its counterpart pet animal?


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Well, then this is the piece you’ve all been looking for, this clears all your doubts as to why bringing a cat home should be the first thing on your to-do list!

Companionship: Spending time with your cat has a reassuring, encouraging and soothing effect on you and the so-called facts that cats are solitary animals are myths and cuddling with them is as helpful as with any other pet.


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Find a partner for life: A research around the world has suggested that 84% of single people are more attracted to cats than the members of opposite sex. Adults have started considering themselves as cat-persons and have also stated that a cat is for life and a lot of them are taking into consideration living with cats than choosing a significant other for their lives.


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Reduces stress: Owning a cat can diminish our anxiety levels. Studies have suggested that having a cat around minimizes the risk of the owners having cardiovascular disease.


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Say yes to a cat and no to allergies: Children under the age of 1 or even when they are in their mother’s womb, if they are exposed to cats during those times, then their bodies get unusually accustomed to allergies and they tend to grow up into beings that are less likely to develop allergies.


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Purr: When a cat purrs, it means it is happy and that makes you happier but scientifically too they provide us positive health benefits apart from the emotional affection we get through them. When a cat purrs within a range of 20-140 Hertz, it helps in the healing of bones and muscles after an injury. And, pet therapy through these methods is becoming a real thing in the medical communities.


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Cats and Autistic Kids: Kids with autism have difficulties facing the outside world and socializing but the kids grow better emotionally when exposed to cats at a young age. Autistic kids are more self-assured with cats and the bonds between the kids and their pets are surprisingly strong and supportive


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You sleep well: After a tiring day when you return home and your cat comes around, rubs her body on your legs, licks her paws, climbs up the bed and falls into sleep; cat owners would understand, this gives us mental peace on a spiritual level. Since cats provide us emotional stability it is technically proved that we humans sleep better with cats.



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All said and done, we still have to understand that pet needs affection, care and a considerable amount of attention and this piece just tells you how cats have benefitted human lives over the years and with a certain amount of responsibility from your side, it can make you happier too.


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What are you waiting for?

Get off the bed and reach the nearest animal shelter right away.

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