Life Lessons To Learn From Our Favourite Superheroes That Your School May Have Failed To Teach

Arya Sharan

Superheroes are always known to risk their lives to protect people from devastating extraterrestrial evils, wicked scientists and stubborn villains whose only purpose is to destroy humans.

But over the years, in all our loved comic books and amazing movie adaptations, we have all learned to relate with them on a more basic level that recognizes them as flawed humans enveloped in grief and yet strongly driven towards making things better just like the rest of us.



Batman taught us the essence of compassion. And being compassionate to your enemy does not mean you are weak, rather that shows your real strength.


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The Flash

Being the fastest man alive, The Flash teaches us to move on. There might be things in past that you deeply regret or hate but to survive you must make peace with your past and move ahead or else you’ll be crushed under the burden of your past.


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Green Arrow

Oliver Queen teaches us that the worst situations in our life don’t change us rather they make us who we are. We must look at the debacles and darkness in our lives in a positive way as they teach us more than what the good times would ever do.


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With great power comes great responsibility- Leaders know that they have a deep human commitment to use the gift of power for the greater good of a world that they are a part of. If you become powerful, you can either use it for your own interest or you can be more thoughtful and make sure that the society that you are a part of leads a better life.


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What Seems Like Our Greatest Disappointments Are Often Our Greatest Opportunities – If you ever feel like you have lost everything, you may have been given the opportunity to gain something you would have never had previously.


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Captain America

Steve Rogers taught us that we must value the power of strength and learn to be kind no matter how strong we are.


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As Bruce Banner, he tried to suppress the strength and demon in him but later he used that for the greater good. Hulk teaches us to use our negativity and disgraceful traits to do good to the world.


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Wonder Woman

The eternally beautiful and fascinating character of Wonder Woman teaches us to be truthful, kind and confident.


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There are plenty of other comic book characters that teach us so much more about life than books and religions ever could.

But one thing that every character has in common is Conviction. They all had a purpose in their life that we must identify with ours in order to move ahead in the direction that matters.

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