A Teacher Got Pregnant By Her 13 Year Old Student, Paid $100,000 And Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison

Himanshu Kumar

A 24 year old Texas middle school teacher has been accused of having a month long affair with a student of hers. She got pregnant and this has landed her into a great trouble.

The beautiful young former 8th standard English teacher Alexandria Vera turned herself in after a warrant was issued to arrest her, the previous year. She was booked on the charges of continuous sexual abuse of a minor but was later released on bail on $100,000 bail.


Alexandria Vera              via- facebook.com

As per the reports, she fell in love with the kid in the summers of 2015 at the Stovall Middle School in Houston. One day, the boy skipped the class and texted her on Instagram asking for her number and a private meeting. “Next day I went to his house when his parents were not home and had sex with him for the first time”, said Vera, a mother of a 4 year old child from a separate relationship.

This illegitimate relationship continued throughout the year. Students said that the two of them used to flirt in the class. The neighbors said that the boy was always at the teacher’s house and she used to say that he was her brother.

At the fall open house, Vera was introduced to her student’s parents as his girlfriend. And the surprising thing was that his parents had no issues. Rather, they were happy to discover that the teacher was pregnant.  Moreover, they invited Vera to take part in family functions and introduced her to people outside the family as their son’s girlfriend. Later, she had to get an abortion after this news was widespread and Child Welfare Department pressurised her to do so.

As soon as the school got to know about the illegitimate affair of the teacher with one of the students, she was promptly fired.

Investigators say that Alexandria Vera, 24, confessed that she had sex with the student “on almost a daily basis” for the nine continuous months and that she was pregnant with his child which she aborted later.


Alexandria Vera (file photo)       via- nypost.com

Even after being arrested and paying a hefty sum of a hundred thousand dollars, her troubles did not subside. After a year of court hearings, finally, this month, she has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The State District Judge, Michael McSpadden wanted to make an example out of the case, claiming that he has witnessed a number of similar cases. He said, “We want our educators to teach our students and keep their hands off the kids”.