Your School Taught You Lies And You Kept Believing. Check Out The Truth Behind Them

Himanshu Kumar



Whatever we learn at school is etched into our memory for a long time. As kids, we have always believed that all that is being taught at school is true. But you would be surprised to know that it isn’t.

Here is a compilation of eleven such facts which you believed to be true but unfortunately, they aren’t.


1. Christopher Columbus discovered that the earth is round. He is also known to discover America in 1492


Both these statements are completely wrong. He is one of the most overrated explorers. Contrary to the popular belief, he did not discover that the earth was round. Greeks had already determined this theory sometime around 400 BC. He was also not the first explorer to discover America. Viking Leif Erikson travelled to America 500 years before Columbus did. Also the new world natives reached there 14,000 years before anyone else did.


2. Thomas Edison is the inventor of the light bulb


Edison cannot be given the entire credit of developing the incandescent light bulb. In November 1879, Edison filed a patent for an electric lamp with a carbon filament and included several materials that might be used as a filament, ncluding carbon, linen and wood. In 1880, Edison and his team discovered that a carbonized bamboo filament could burn for more than 1200 hours. During the same time, 22 other inventors including Joseph Swan and Nikola Tesla had also developed similar working products.


 3. Vincent Van Gogh, commonly known as the tortured artist, sliced off his own ear


That was the story spread after seeing his self-portrait with bandaged ear in 1889. After 120 years, German art historian claim that he lost his ear in a sword fight with his friend, Paul Gauguin.


4. Hockey is the national game of India


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In an answer to an RTI filed by a ten year old girl, Aishwarya Parashar, the under-secretary of the Union Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports said, “I haven’t come across any order or notification in the ministry saying hockey is the national game”.


5. Napoleon Bonaparte was a short heighted man


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Despite being a very successful military leader during the French Revolution, Napoleon was always made fun of his short height. This French man is usually described as 5’2” tall. But historians argue the figure to be completely wrong. He was actually 5’7’’, provided that the average height of a Frenchman at this time was 5’5” which made him tall enough.


6. Cleopatra was Egyptian


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Cleopatra is widely known as the most beautiful queen of Egypt married to Julius Caesar. She was involved in a complicated love triangle with Caesar and Mark Antony. The most surprising fact is that she wasn’t Egyptian. Actually, she was of Macedonian Greek heritage. Later she learnt Egyptian language.


7. We use only ten percent of our brain


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All of us believe that most humans use only ten percent of their brains. If scientists are to be believed, we already have access to hundred percent of our brains. Our entire brain is always ready to be used, even while sleeping.


8. No gravity in space


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There is gravity in space, but it is not as great a force we experience on earth. In space, it’s called micro gravity and since it is too small it makes people or objects appear as weightless. Had there been no gravity the moon would not be able to revolve around the earth or the earth around the sun.


9. Chameleons change color to camouflage


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They actually change color for a different reason. Colors on lizards change both as a characteristic of mating behavior and as a method to regulate their body temperatures since they are cold blooded. For example, they change from a light to dark color to absorb more heat.


10. Bats are blind


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“As blind as a bat” is a very common saying but bats are not blind. Since many bats hunt at night, they use a trick called echolocation using which they create a sound that bounces back from any nearby object like a moving insecy. This helps them in finding quick food in the dark.


11. Humans evolved from apes


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This is the biggest debate between the creationist and the evolutionist. This is wrong because evolution works in a fashion such that the weaker species is replaced by a stronger species. Scientists argue that humans share a common ancestors with apes. This ancestor then created a separate lineage up to 12 million years ago to eventually evolve to species as humans and the apes. Gorilla is considered to be our closest animal relative with a 96 DNA match.