The Dress Doesn’t Matter- A Slap On The Faces Of Those Who Think It Does

Himanshu Kumar

In India, whenever a rape case comes up in the mainstream media, instead of supporting the victim, some people erroneously dissect the clothes worn by the victim during the attack to justify the heinous act.

A Mumbai based photography company, AIE Services Pvt. Ltd. has recently released a series of hard-hitting images of real women in the dress they were wearing when they were assaulted.  While supporting the fact that the dress doesn’t matter, they have passionately argued by using hashtags #NeverAskedForIt and #DidItMatter.

Here is a series of 10 haunting images- a slap on the faces of those who think the dress matters. All the images show the age, location and the dress worn by the victim respectively.



Age of Victim: 25 years
Crime Location: SoBo Club
Clothes worn by VICTIM : JEANS AND TOP



Age of Victim: 18 years
Crime Location: BEST Bus
Clothes worn by VICTIM : NORMAL DRESS



Age of Victim: 15 years
Crime Location: Marine Drive
Clothes worn by VICTIM : LONG GOWN



Age of Victim: 38 years
Crime Location: CST International Airport
Clothes worn by VICTIM : FORMAL DRESS



Age of Victim: 2.5 years
Crime Location: VIkhroli Park Site
Clothes worn by VICTIM : FROCK



Age of Victim: 22 years
Crime Location: Cental Local Train
Clothes worn by VICTIM: NORMAL DRESS



Age of Victim: 25 years
Crime Location: Bollywood
Clothes worn by VICTIM: CASUALS



Age of Victim: Unknown
Crime Location: Mumbai
Clothes worn by VICTIM: BACKLESS



Age of Victim: 35 years
Crime Location: Kamathipura
Clothes worn by VICTIM: LEHENGA



Age of Victim: 22 years
Crime Location: Shakti Mills
Clothes worn by VICTIM: FORMALS


The team did a great work by portraying true stories and asking people if the dress really mattered. Kudos to the AIE team behind this.


[All images via AIE Services Pvt. Ltd. facebook page]