15 Of The Cutest Pics From The Internet That Will Just Make Your Day

Scroll Cafe Team

1. Happy Birthday Hedgie. I think it’s your first one.


Wearing its birthday cap, this cute hedgehog seems to celebrate its first birthday lying on its bed. Love to be a part of the Hedgy's birthday.



2. Hey cute little chick, just tell me how these flowers smell.


The young kid is in love with flowers and knows that they smell awesome. Now, he is asking the little chick to check whether this flower has good fragrance or not. Check it fast and let the kid know.



3. These chicks just made a new friend.


Holla chicks! How are you doing? The fluffy dog is lucky enough to hacve so many chicks around itself. Moreover, it's quite surprising to see such a great relationship between dogs and chickens.



4. Hello, cute little paperweight. Can you please let me take my notebook?


This little adorable puppy is so flawless that it seems unreal. See how nicely it is sitting on the notebook, being a paperweight.



5. The best friends forever.


"I am gonna take you for a ride" , said the cute little girl. And, see how her pet dog is enjoying.



6. And the most photogenic puppy.


See, how this cute little puppy is looking into the camera and it seems to be the most photogenic puppy you would have ever seen.



7. “Me and my brother and its Christmas eve. Hurray!”


Brothers forever, that is what they seem to be. And, the best thing is that today is christmas. So, just celebrate.



8. The most adorable smile ever.


via- Flickr: 34944905@N00

This one is the best pic. Don't know what joke has been told to the cute puppy. Anyways, it looks really adorable laughing with its mouth wide open.



9. “It’s so tasty. Can I have one more, please?”


via- Facebook: martymousetherat 

And this supercute mouse is feeding on the biscuit and laughing, The biscuit must be really tasty. 



10. “Take me to the party. I look smarter than most men.”


This smart cat is a perfect example of Tall, Dark and Handsome, what most women die for. So, he must go to the party tonight.



11. “We are so much tired. Can we join from tomorrow?”


via- Flickr: westmidlandspolice

These cute puppies are a part of the West Midland Police, It seems that they have underwent a lot of training and are quite tired. Hey policemen, let these cuties go home today.



12. “It’s too cold out there. Let me warm you up young brother.”


via- tabbyhusky.tumblr.com

The husky is kissing the little kid on his nose. Maybe, trying to warm up the little master.



13. The most adorable kangaroo kid you would have ever seen.


The fun is on with the kangaroo kid and the brother-sister duo is enjoying its company. 



14. “I am so hungry. Thank you for the milk.”


via- thatcutesite.com

The cat is happy to have the milk with a straw. The masters are too generous, I suppose.



15. “Hold on tight, brother. I won’t let you fall down.”


One said to the other, "Come what may, I won't ever let you get hurt. Worry not until I am here". Love, that is!