This Bengaluru Doctor Designed A Rs.50 Device To Give Throat Cancer Patients Their Lost Voice Back

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George Bernard Shaw once said, “We have not lost faith, but we have transferred it from God to the medical profession”. This Bengaluru doctor has made everyone believe that Shaw was right. Dr. Vishal Rao, a Bengaluru based oncologist has developed a Rs.50 device that can help throat cancer patients get their voice back.

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In an interview to TOI, Dr. Rao, Oncologist and Head and Neck Surgeon, HCG Cancer Care said, “Speaking is a right. When the voice box of patients is removed during surgery, they crave to speak. As if the trauma of the disease is not enough, the shock of having lost their voice takes a toll on them, emotionally. The prosthesis available in the market costs Rs 20,000 (to be changed once in six months) and is not viable for many poor patients. My objective was to design something that is affordable and can give them their voice back”.

The device is known as Aum Voice Prosthesis. To take care of the financial aspects of this device, Dr. Rao took help of his industrialist friend. The device has been named “Aum” because that is the sound which first resonated with the universe and regaining ones voice is no less than a rebirth.

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The voice prosthesis can be placed through the patient’s neck and connected to the patient’s food pipe, where it functions as a voice box. Dr. Rao has done a great work by helping poor people speak again. Thank you, doctor!