11 Magical Moments Of Happy Kids Playing To The Tune Of Life

Scroll Cafe Team

Children are the most prized possession of the God. They are innocent happy souls. When I was a kid all I wanted was to grow up and now when I am a grown up, I want to be a kid again. I wish to feel that feeling again, I wish to be a child again. As a child, I always felt that my life is so difficult and everyone I meet is always angry but  

Here are some really majestic moments from the lives of children you can relate yourself with.




Celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Phalgun, Holi is known as the "festival of colours". The entire country wears a festive look when it's the Holi time. Various hues of gulal and abeer can be found on the faces of people on this auspicious day. The festival takes away the divisions on the basis of caste, colour or social status. For children, Holi is love as you can see these super excited children celebrating Holi. So, come on everybody, let's play Holi with these beautiful kids coloured in green and red.




It's so serene to see two kids attending to the beauty of life away from the hustles and bustles of the world. While the younger is enjoying a good sleep on the animals back, the elder one is feeding it. Want to be kid again and enjoy moments I missed while gaining things that hardly entertains me anymore. 



Four young kids are taking a morning shower under the fall. The photographer has caught every water droplet and it looks really amazing.




The cute little child is totally in love with this cute little rabbit and that is visible on his face. Awesome photography. 




To be monks playing football on a windy day and it seems it's going to rain anytime soon. Yet, football matters more than health. So, keep playing until you start sneezing.




For these Peruvian kids, fun on the beach begins at 6 in the morning. For the remaining world, it's like, wake up and brush your teeth but for them it is, wake up, let's play football.




Fishing with the best friend is always fun and that too when your friend found a fish because it's party tonight.




No need to own a football. If you've really got the spirits, then a carton can even work. Find happiness with things you have, that’s the game of life.




Playing in the puddles has always been so amazing. Though, it can make your clothes dirty but who cares. Atleast, these kids don't.




The bubble game has been so much interesting. As a kid, I used to make bubbles and would try to burst them. I have always loved this and so do these little kids.


Unites States


"Let's see who reaches that point first" has been the game I used to play to show how good I was at running. And that talent I used to show to the girls for I knew that I was the undisputed winner. No, no, this isn't me. But yes, has got the same mentality, maybe.



[Images via- boredpanda.com]