This Indian Professor Has Proved Charles Darwin’s Evolution Theory Wrong

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ManojKumar Peethambaran, Assistant Professor and Head of Department, Computer Science and Engineering, Cochin University of Science and Technology has proved that our solar system is a living organism and the evolution concept of the famous Charles Darwin was wrong.


ManojKumar receiving Dr. Ambedkar Distinguished Service National Award from the Honourable Justice, Bombay High Court, Shri V.H. Bhairaviys

The English naturalist and geologist, Charles Darwin’s evolutionary concepts are based on natural selection and mutation whereas the professor argues that evolution is driven by the 9 planets, 27 stars, and 12 Rashis.

Let’s try to understand the words of the professor from his research paper. He says that a bacteria, a human being, and a solar system lie at the various levels of evolution. A bacteria is at the bottom levels of evolution whereas solar systems, galaxies, and the universe are at the higher ends. If bacteria try to analyze a human being it fails because it is billions of years less evolved. Similar is the case with human beings. Since they are less evolved compared to the solar systems, their findings of it are always incomplete. But a highly evolved individual can think and always find the truth. And, the truth is that solar system is a living organism because of the following reasons:

1) It has birth and death.
2) It shows movement.
3) It exhibits growth.
4) It responses to external stimulus.
5) It reproduces, and
6) It consumes energy.                                                                                             

In Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4 Verse 1, Lord Krishna Said: “I instructed the imperishable science of uniting the individual consciousness with the ultimate consciousness unto the sun god Surya who taught it unto his son Vaisvastu Manu who related it unto his son King Iksvaku”. He argues whether Lord Krishna can impart knowledge to the Sun.

In his research paper, he has answered many questions, namely,

-Why all human beings die?
-Whether Planets kill them?
-Who am I?
-Why is an astrologer capable of predicting the occurrence of certain events in a person's life even though astrology is logically and scientifically wrong?
-What is Life?
-Why potency of a homeopathic medicine is high for chronic illness or put in other words, why a homeopathic medicine is best when the medical content in it is zero?

He also answers the ultimatum of evolution. He says that after billions of years, the first cell has evolved into human beings in 350 crores years, then where will the evolution end. He believes that all the human beings who are spiritually progressing will evolve into cosmic entities like planets, galaxies etc. He further argues that out of all the 720 crore humans, one will acquire the potential of a solar system and he will create one more system and the process will continue.

The professor has received a pat on his back for his great work in the 24th Swadeshi National Science Conference. Very recently, he was also called by a prestigious Israeli University to continue with his research work but he decided to stay in India.


Professor with his students

When asked, about his greatest source of inspiration, he says, “My guru Navajyothi Sree Karunakara Guru is my inspiration and all my works are dedicated to him”.

Here's his interview on a local news channel. 


[available with english subtitles]

His research paper was published in Malayalam, the regional language of the state, Kerala.






This book explains evolution in accordance with the concepts of the professor.


The book describes how the first cell was formed, how it evolved into human beings and into cosmic entities. The author says that a fully evolved soul like Navajyothi Sree Karunakara Guru will help the normal human beings to evolve into higher realms like Rishis. The book also explains the structure of the multiverse. 

The paper by the professor gives a new insight to the entire human community especially the scientific world and brings a shift in the way the solar system is perceived. Great work by this Indian Professor.

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