Are You A Traveller And A Food Lover? Here, We Bring The Best Delicacies From Around The Globe

Scroll Cafe Team

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food”, said George Bernard Shaw. And, he was so true. Food has the beauty of connecting humans. People may have different ideologies, cultures, traditions, but no one can ever deny the splendor and deliciousness of the food of any culture, if it’s really tasty.

Here, we bring you the best dishes from all across the globe. See them all, love them and try them all.  


Chicken Tikka, India


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A vast collision of cuisines, India cannot be covered in a single dish. Chicken tikka is boneless chicken marinated in spices: red chili powder, ginger, garlic paste and lemon juice. It is then baked in a clay oven, popularly known as tandoor. Chutneys made of coriander and tamarind can be used as a sauce with onion and lemon. It’s so juicy that you will certainly fall in love with it.



Burger And Fries, USA


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This American staple is available almost everywhere in the States. With many American restaurant chains opening up in the developing nations, this super delicious item is available in most of the countries. Burger toppings can vary depending on where you are in the States and the amount of sauces used for fries are endless.



Bigos, Poland


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Hunter's Stew, Bigos is the national dish of Poland. A hearty meal containing various cuts of meat, sausages, herbs, and a variety of vegetables will surely make you feel warm and comforted. Try it in a bread bowl and you are going to say, “Once more”.



Jiaozi, China


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To find a particular food from a country with a huge variety of dishes is a difficult task. Yet, one of the most delicious Chinese dishes are the traditional Chinese dumplings, Jiaozi. Available for both vegetarians and meat-eaters, it’s one of the cheapest breakfast item of the country.



Danish Smørrebrød, Denmark


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Also called the open-faced sandwich, Smørrebrød has a primary ingredient such as a fish fillet, sliced boiled potatoes, pickled beets, liver, sliced fish balls or pork over a Danish rugbrød. Above all this is a thick sauce and a topping so delicious that you would never stop licking your fingers.



Bacon and Egg Pie, New Zealand


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With a delicious upper crust, Bacon and egg pie is a beautiful savoury cuisine of New Zealand. So, when you visit the country, don’t miss to have this super delicious pie.



Pizza, Italy


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This yeasted flat bread with the luscious topping is something to cherish for life. Italy is definitely a zillion levels above the rest of the world when it comes to pizza.



Feijoada, Brazil


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Portuguese in origin, Feijoada, is a stew of black beans, salted pork, smoked sausages usually topped with vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, and okra. Rice is a usual side dish. This food is very famous in Rio de Janeiro. If in Brazil, try this for sure.



Pie Floater, Australia


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An Australian style meat pie in a thick bowl of thick green pea soup, Pie Floater is topped with tomato sauce, vinegar, and salt and pepper. Fantastic winter food, this delicacy is a perfect hangover cure.