Shuddh Desi Romance By Varun And Alia In Badrinath ki Dulhania

Scroll Cafe Team

After the success of Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania, actors Varun and Alia and the director Shashank Khetan are back with a bang to take over the box office this Holi.

Varun and Alia are our beloved desi romantic couples. Both of them looked awesome in their last movie and so did their chemistry. Again, they are coming together to make you crazy, naughty and totally Bollywood.


Our Badri, yes, the Badrinath Bansal, is a cool dude. He believes that he is a perfect husband material. His degrees are not good enough to have an educated girl as her better half, yet he is totally in love with the studious Vaidehi Tripathi (Alia).



He proposed her a number of times. But, as our Vaidehi is serious about her life and career, she doesn’t accept his love and our Badri becomes a rejected guy. Like other Indian lovers, he is also well equipped with his creepy plans. Now, since stalking is the best idea to woo a girl in India when nothing works, Varun tries his hands on that. Alia retaliates rudely asking him to stay away.



When stalking doesn't work, there is something else that does and our smart Badri knows that. He still continues wooing her lady because PERSISTENCE matters in love and that's the key to her heart. But to no use. He is mocked by her Vaidehi, since he is a tenth pass desi munda.



After a lot of efforts and dedication for a few months, she starts liking him. Who wouldn't? Badri is so good looking and after all he was crazy about the only one- Vaidehi. So, things start falling in place and a desi prem katha begins.


badri5 copy.png 


But, then the ego clashes and they are no more together. That was unbearable for both of them. Pain was always there in the hearts of both of them. Only time could heal that.




But, then it’s Bollywood. Things had to be the way they are meant to be and the romance should continue ever after. When our Humpty Sharma took his bride away after facing so much odds, then how is that possible that Badri wouldn't. Anyways, he is a refined Varun now with increased potentials after facing his father-in-law in the last movie. LOL




The trailer released on Wednesday, February 1st, has crossed 14 million views and counting. Not just fans, but B-Town stars are talking about the trailer because it's super cool. Apart from the chemistry of the duo, the music, songs and the cinematography seems amazing.

The trailer is awesome and we hope that the movie is much more than this. Our beloved Badrinath Bansal should rock again as he did in the previous version of himself, the good looking Humpty Sharma. Good luck to the duo. And people, get ready to loosen your pockets a bit for "Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya" releasing this Holi. Let’s wait for the Holi fever to rise with the super sexy Alia and the super cool Varun.

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