Travel The World To Unravel Its Beauty. Here're Some Heavenly Places That You Must Certainly Visit

Scroll Cafe Team

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. Very true. Isn’t it? People who don’t travel are those who have lost the essence of life. The world is so huge, beautiful and ecstatic that it will take several lifetimes to see all its beauty.

Most of us believe that after we die we will go to heaven or hell depending upon our deeds. But that will be determined only when we die.  There are some places on the earth that I would like to say that if heaven exists, it must look like any of these.



The Island of Skye, Scotland


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Connected to the Scotland’s northwest coast by bridge, The Isle of Skye, is known for its rugged landscapes, picturesque fishing villages and medieval castles. The wilderness of the place adds to its charm.



Namib Desert meets the Atlantic Ocean


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Where the desert meets the ocean, where hot meets the cold, where death meets life, a combination that has left mankind gaping in awe at nature’s beauty. It is the place where cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean brushes against the tallest and most spectacular dunes of the world. It's amazing to see these two co-exist. So, visit the place and get lost in the beauty it offers.  



The Moon Bridge, Taiwan


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The Moon Bridge in Dahu Park, Taiwan is no less than a landscape from fairy tales. Also known as Jindai Bridge, it is designed atop the thirteen hectare lake in such a fashion that the light of the moon forms a perfect reflection of the semi circle shaped bridge in the water. The crystal clear water allows for a perfect reflection of upside down world, almost playing tricks on your mind. The perfect detailing of the bridge lets you escape into a magical world. And, it is no wonder that Taiwan was formerly known as the Beautiful Island - Ilha Formosa - to the West. One of the best places in the world to see during the twilight hours.



The Troll’s Tongue, Norway


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The piece of rock peeping out of a mountain as high as this one seems to be the mountain’s tongue and it appears as if it is standing proud teasing the lowly river that flows by. Go stand on the top and feel the feeling the man must be feeling in the image.



Dachstein suspension bridge over Dachstein Glacier, Austria


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Austria’s highest suspension bridge is directly linked to the Dachstein Ice Palace. The bridge offers a view over Austria's highest peaks and an unrestricted line of sight 400 metres downwards over the rugged rocks of the Dachstein Massif.



The Twelve Apostles, Australia


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A collection of limestone stacks off the shore of the Port Campbell National Park, The Twelve Apostles is one of the most beautifully crafted geological wonders of the world. A must visit.



Victoria Peak, Hong Kong


Also known as the Mount Austin or The Peak, Victoria peak offers you the chance to see the man made art of the city. The most beautiful artificial scenario ever.