Woman Raped A 4 Year Old Boy And Uploaded Its Video Over The Internet

Scroll Cafe Team

A woman has been charged of raping a 4 year old toddler and broadcasting it live over Periscope, an internet video streaming application.

India Kirksey, 20, from West Price Hill, Ohio, is being charged with first degree felony rape. She was assigned to the court on Monday and is being held on a huge penalty of $350,000.

According to a report in Cincinnati.com, authorities were found quoting that Kirksey videotaped herself while performing oral sex on the boy on or about January 4.



An internet user from Texas was reported to have seen the video on the internet. Later it was forwarded to the Harrisburg County Authorities in Ohio.

Police said that the woman has confessed her crimes during an interview. Also, many details of the investigation remains unrevealed owing to the sensitivity of the case and the victim being a toddler.

A family member of India Kirksey told a US news channel that she was not guilty and suffers with special needs.

"We as family try to the best we can to get her therapy and talk to her, maintain her safety, but sometimes you can only do so much. This is not in her character. It's not something she would do," said the woman, who did not wish to be identified.