Putin’s Gift To Trump- The Edward Snowden

Scroll Cafe Team

Edward Snowden, the whistle blower of the NSA's global spying program was not as much worried to have Trump as the new President of the United States as half of the America until he got to know that this may happen as well. In a live stream hosted by StartPage in the November of 2016, Snowden said, "For those who are concerned about privacy, they should not worry too much about Trump, they are the ones who can make a change". In a remarkably optimistic speech, he said the focus of the global populace should be on providing worldwide protections from spies and that this was entirely possible.

In an exclusive interview with Katie Couric for Yahoo news, he feared of being handed over to the US government where either he will be executed or would face life imprisonment. He said, "I mean, that would obviously be something that would bother me. That would obviously be something that would be a threat to my liberty and to my life". And, now there is a buzz among the international diplomats about the same.

According to a senior official of the United States Intelligence, Russia is considering turning over Edward Snowden as a "gift" to the US President Donald Trump.

Trump has termed Edward Snowden, the former CIA employee responsible for leaking classified US details, as a “spy” and a “traitor” and that he should be executed.

The official said that handing over Snowden is one of various ploys to "curry favour" with Trump.

A second intelligence source confirmed that the Russians had been deliberating with US officials since the inauguration.

While the White House was not available for comment, Snowden’s ACLU lawyer, Ben Wizner said, “Team Snowden has received no such signals and has no new reason for concern,” he said.

Snowden took to twitter to comment on the matter.

In an interview to nbc news, former deputy national security adviser Juan Zarate said, "For Russia, this would be a win-win. They've already extracted what they needed from Edward Snowden in terms of information and they've certainly used him to beat the United States over the head in terms of its surveillance and cyber activity".

Justice department told that Snowden has serious federal charges good enough to send him to 30 years of imprisonment. Trump government will show no mercy to Snowden if once handed over to the US.

These must be turbulent times for Snowden. Like you and me, he has witnessed the tragic, inhumane fate visited upon another youthful truth teller who also dared to reveal some of the surveillance state's deepest secrets to his fellow citizens because his conscience demanded it.

This is world class diplomacy. Only the Russian and the US government will decide the fate of Edward Snowden. Meanwhile, let’s just sit back and see the take of the world leaders.