AAP Sets Up A Much Needed Governance Model For Indian States. Here's A Look Back

Rohit Kumar

Ever since Aam Aadmi Party rose to power in the winters of 2015, it has remained in the news for all the controversial reasons, be it the party's sweeping victory of 67 out of 70 seats that ended BJP's winning streak and uprooted Congress from the National Capital or the much debated Odd Even Policy to curb Delhi's pollution levels. And, now, when  the Pie-day has arrived, people, not only from Delhi but from all across India,  having high hopes from this newly born political front that ambitiously claims to have entered politics not for the sake of practicing 'politics' but for changing the way it's traditionally been done for decades,  are looking forward to the genuine work it has effectively done in two years in the national capital.  We take you through the 7 most credible work done by AAP that deserves our attention:


AAP's Investment In Education Has Led On To Create A Record 8000 Standardised-Classrooms For Government Schools. It Is Roughly Equivalent Of Around 200 Schools.




110 Mohalla Clinics Made By AAP Is Serving Over To 10 Lacs People And Has Received Appreciation Not Only From National But International Media Equally. 




AAP Went On To Create Over 250 Night Shelters In the National Capital That Homes Around 21,000 People On Regular Basis.  10 Of The 250 Night Shelters Also Offer Skill Development Training To People Homed In The Shelters For Better Chances Of Employability. 




The Government Kept Hygiene And Accessibility To Better Structured Toilets For Public On Top Of Its Priority, And, Built Over 5000 Toilets For Public In Two Years.




Apart From 20,000 liters Of Free Water To Every Household, Nearly 309 Colonies Saw Installations Of New Pipelines Across The Capital, And, People Who Have Been Fighting This For Years Can't Seem To Celebrate More.




More Power To People As The Government Slashed The Power Bills By Half Giving Delhites Some Much Needed Relief.




The Popularity And Support That The Odd-Even Scheme Formulated By AAP As A Combative Measure To Curb Pollution Not Only Helped Delhi Improve On Its Rank From 2nd To 11th In The List Of Most Polluted Cities In The World But Also Set An Example For Some Other States And Countries Globally.



These were some of the major achievements of the Aam Aadmi Party as it completes two years of governance. The Aam Admi Party has done some good work for the benefit of the common man in the past two years and that should definitely be appreciated. Certainly, it has also failed to deliver on some of the major promises it made before the Delhi Polls, but it still has another three years to make up for all the unfulfilled-promises and win the hearts of Delhites the SAME way Delhites won theirs-the new writers of politics-The Common Man Party, the Aam Aadmi Party.