Release The Pressure- All That An Indian Parent Needs To Learn

Scroll Cafe Team

With the board exams drawing near, all the parents of the country whose child is going to appear this year for the exam are tensed and the pressure is mounting on the fragile shoulders of the examinees.

In India, board exams are considered to be the final test of your life. All that I have grown up constantly hearing is, “If you perform well in this exam, your life is set.” I have passed both the exams with good marks and my life is yet not set. Amidst all these foolish talks, the apprehensions of the exams and the comparison tendencies of the Indian parents is a real cause of stress for all the teenagers out there who are appearing for their board exams.

Mirinda has launched #ReleaseThePressure campaign hitting hard on the mentality of Indian parents when it comes to exam and studies. Since, the kids cannot themselves explain the pressure they are undergoing to their parents, they were asked to write a letter and later the parents read it.


There’s always more than exams to talk about.


Everytime a relative comes home or we happen to see one of them, the most favourite questions they have got to ask are, "How are the preparations going on for the board exams?" or "Whether you are studying for board exams or not?" or "How are your coaching classes going on?" I don't understand that why all of them have to ask the same set of questions. There's always more to talk. Why can't they ask something else as how am I doing or suggest me to take life easily. I am already tensed for the exams, so talk something else. 


I understand that it’s exam time but please let me go out sometimes, let me meet my friends at least.


I truely understand that studying during exams is important but you don't have to be a Hitler mom or dad to make me study all the time and keep me locked in my room. Let me go out and see my friends. Seeing them preparing for the exams will motivate me as well, try to understand that also.


I can’t study all the time. Need some rest and fun also. It helps me maintain concentration.


Every child has a different stamina, some can study for hours while others take breaks and study. If I am taking breaks, this doesn't mean I am not studying. I have a limited capacity. Try to look at things from my perspective, you will realise what I am actually going through. 


Even if I have failed the last time, trust me I am working really hard now.


I may not have lived up to your expectations the last time, I may have underperformed, but trust me this time I am really working hard to pull things off. I will definitely perform better this time. 


Please don’t keep on checking me. Show some trust. I am equally tensed for my exams.


There is no need of checking me every now and then to ensure that I am studying. Show some trust and I will try not to break that.


Believe them that they can do great. Don’t ever demotivate them


Don't compare me with Sharma uncle's daughter, it demotivates me. Healthy competition is justified but when you shout at me for not performing as good as her, I feel low and negative. Please don't do that to me.


And, yet they say that someday they will make you proud parents.


I will work hard and perform exceedingly well in life, then you will realize my true potentials. And, trust me, someday you will be proud to have me.


What the reports say.



See, the video for yourself.