Dogs Are The Most Loyal Friends. Here Are The Ones You Can Pet

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Love dogs? Want to take them out on a walk? But don’t know which dog to go for. We know that finding a four legged companion is a difficult task. Some dogs are overly energetic, while others are detached or aggressive, some are small and cute while others are huge and ferocious.

So, we have complied a list of seven dog breeds according to their personality.


Samoyed. Origin- Russia


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This large purebred is known for being alert, cheerful, energetic, friendly, gentle, independent, intelligent, lively, loyal, playful and social. They are multi-talented as they are renowned achievers in a wide variety of activities such as carting, herding and sledding.


Dalmatian. Origin- UK and Croatia


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Known for being aggressive, alert, cheerful, courageous, energetic, friendly, independent, intelligent, loyal, out-going and playful, Dalmatian is commonly available in black, brown, and white colours. To keep it healthy, it will need to get exercise regularly. They are awesome in agility, endurance running, guarding, search and rescue and tracking.


Basset Hound. Origin- France


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Originally from France, Basset Hounds are known for hunting and tracking. It is a scent hound that was originally bred for the purpose of hunting  hare. Their sense of smell for tracking is second best after bloodhound. They are commonly available in black and tan, brown, grey, red, tricolor and white.  Basset Hounds make wonderful watchdogs and are very good with kids.


Siberian Husky. Origin- Siberia


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Developed in Siberia, this dog breed was used to haul cargo and sleds across the frozen tundra. Siberian Huskies have thick fur, adorable perky ears and unique markings on their fur. Their blue or multi-colored eyes only add to the charm of the beast. They’re an extremely friendly dog breed, thus a great pet to own.


Bulldog. Origin- United Kingdom


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A stocky, muscular breed with a wrinkled face and compact muzzle, the Bulldog is known for having thick folds above its nose, droopy lipsunder and an occasional underbite. Despite its intimidating appearance, the Bulldog is friendly, patient and extremely loyal to its owner and has been known to form strong bonds with children. For this reason, it is among one of the most popular family pet breeds.


Boxer. Origin- Germany


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Boxers come from Germany and are known for being cheerful, courageous and friendly. The most common colours for Boxers are brindle, fawn and white. If you’re prone to allergies, the Boxer might be a great breed for you: they shed minimally and are very low-maintenance.


Labrador Retriever. Origin- US and Canada


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The Labrador Retriever is one of many breeds of the retriever hunting type. Extremely loyal and intelligent, Labradors are one the most popular pet breeds in numerous countries, including India. While they still serve the purpose for which they were initially bred which is retrieving small downed waterfowl, they are also adept at a number of other jobs including leading the blind, acting as hearing dogs, and police and military work. Their kind nature, obedience and knack for getting along with children also gives them the reputation of being the ideal pet.