Happy Women's Day, Really? Post Women's Day, Actually.

Sruthi P Nambiar

Isn’t gender just another label to who we are?

Women are daughters, mothers, sisters, girlfriends and wives. Men are sons, fathers, brothers, boyfriends and husbands. Though aren’t all these terms just labels? They add up with time. They change you as a person. It is a part of you and is with you at every moment. You as a person are a combination of all these labels. You live every day, every moment. Hence, shouldn’t you be celebrated every moment? Why do we have specific days for each label? Do we truly need that to appreciate ourselves? Do we need that to remind how far we have come?


Change is already happening. Maybe not in the way we wanted or expected. But you can’t deny it

Everyone is demanding change. We want safety for women. Equality for women. We want men to not be put in their restrictions either, or in a man-box as Emma Watson would like to call it. Your gender needs to be your strength, not your weakness. We keep asking for change but sometimes we forget the changes we have survived. There are more women who choose working outside the walls of their home and more men who choose to be stay-at-home-dads than the previous generation. I would call that to be a big achievement. But it is also true that all this is not happening fast enough. Ever thought why?


And for all these changes; there is nothing greater than support

We not only lack 100 percent support from the opposite sex but also from our own. If a man wants to stay at home, take care of his kids and bread winning wife, then he must be supported for his choice, not be called any less of a man by fellow men. When a woman enjoys being a workaholic and doesn’t feel ready for commitments like marriage or kids, she must be supported by fellow women. Support from outside serves great help, but when the people closest us support us, we exceed even more. Like when our parents support us. It is no different as to when men support men and women support women.


Celebrate who you are everyday!

So, do we really need a day in a year or some incident to remind us all this? Do we need a day to appreciate men, women, mothers, fathers and lovers? Love and applaud yourselves and others every day. Don’t wait for that one day to give your mother a rest from the kitchen or buy gifts for your father for a day or shower love on your lover or praise a gender.


Make every day your day.

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