Ever Wished Of Going For An Expensive Spa, Here's A Guide To Help You Set Up Your Own Home-Spa

Sruthi P Nambiar

We all need to relax once in a while. What better way than a relaxing spa night at home?
Here are some tips and tricks for a wonderful relaxing night at home. At the end there will be some examples of how to indulge all your senses while doing this.


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Plan your Spa Night (this is preferably done the day before)

STEP 1 - Clean your bathtub/shower.

Scrub your tub and/or shower so they are clean and nice for your spa day.
Soaking in a tub that feels dirty is not a nice experience, and watching dirt on the shower walls are disturbing to the calm.

STEP 2 - Remove clutter from the areas you’re going to use.
It’s easier to relax if the bathroom, bedroom, living room or other areas you’ll use aren’t cluttered.

STEP 3 - Make sure you have everything you need/want.
Discovering in the middle of your spa night that you’re missing a drink, a snack, a product or anything else you’d want can annoying. Depending on what you’re missing it can also ruin your spa experience

STEP 4 - Make sure you get the time you need for yourself.
If you have kids, see if you can find a babysitter.
See if your partner can leave the apartment/house or just make sure not to disturb you.
Turn off your cell phone, or at least put it on silent.

Remember, this day/night is for your relaxation.



Now on to the preparations you can do the same day

Prepare what your going to use/need
Take out the shower gel, body scrub, facial masks, hair treatments, a bath robe and other products you might want to use during the night.
This is so you won’t have to run all around your home in search for them.

Prepare snacks
Fresh fruit, chocolate, wine, tea, just anything you might want to eat or drink



Now on to the actual spa day

Decide yourself what treatments you want to give yourself. Some examples we’ll go over here are:

A relaxing Bath
Hair Treatment
Facial Mask
Body Scrub

Start by drawing a nice relaxing bath.
Light some candles in your clean, clutter free bathroom and if you have the possibility, start some relaxing music.
When the tub is nearly filled, put some nice scented oil, bath salt or bath foam in the water the stream will help it dissolve and mix properly. You can even use coconut milk, helps smoothen the skin really well. If you’re using the canned kind the best way to do that is by using the shower head to beat it apart before filling the tub.

Take a hair treatment or deep conditioner that you like and put it in your hair. Even if the treatment says 5-10 minutes, there’s no harm in leaving it on for longer.


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Massage a facial mask on your face. There are a lot of different facial masks, purifying, moisturizing, deep cleansing, peel-off. Pick one that you like or one that fits your current facial needs. I’d advise against a peel off mask for a spa night since they can hurt slightly when removing.


 Home Spa 2.jpg


Soak for at least half an hour, nibbling on some snacks, sipping on a drink relaxing with the music or if you’d like, a book. Just be careful so you don’t drop the book into the tub.
How you take your relaxing bath is really up to you. Some people prefer just leaning back with their eyes closed and simply listening to music. Others feel the most relaxed with a book. Just try to stay away from phones and other lit up screens.

If you don’t have a bathtub, just put the mask and treatment in and just listen to music or read a book by candlelight. Then take a nice long shower and scrub.

When done soaking, let the water out, start the shower and rinse the treatments of your hair and face. Do not use to hot water, that’s not good for the sensitive skin of the face or the hair. Then take a nice body scrub and scrub your entire body. Then wash your body and dry off.

After the bath, there’s no reason to not keep the relaxation/pampering going. Take out your preferred body lotion and spend some time massaging yourself, or if you prefer just moisturize.

Then, put on a robe, pajamas or just any comfortable clothes. Light some candles, sit down and read or anything you feel relaxed with. Try avoiding computers or TV since lit-up screens can be harsh on the eyes and head. But if you feel relaxed by it, then watch a movie.   



So, how do we indulge all the senses while doing this?

De-cluttering the areas you’re going to use
Lighting candles to create a nice environment

Having tidy areas and nice lighting helps the brain relax since you won’t be blinded by strong lights or thinking that the room needs to be cleaned.


 Home Spa 3.jpg



Relaxing music during the treatments, especially the bath helps your mind relax because it won’t wander away and start thinking about what to make for dinner the next day or when the laundry needs to be done
Some suggestions are classical music or Enya. Instrumental music helps you relax instead of focusing on the lyrics.

If you prefer, you can of course just keep the room completely silent, or have background sounds you feel relaxed or comfortable with. If you’re the most relaxed by listening to black metal, then listen to black metal. There’s no right or wrong here.

The scented candle shown earlier is from WoodWick. It crackles as it burns, which can also be a nice sound to relax to.



Scented candles, bath oils or the products you use.

Relaxing smells like lavender or lemongrass helps with relaxation.
If you prefer you can also use a fruity smell like peach or if you want something more luxurious try chocolate scented products.
Something to think of is to try to find scents that work well together. If you have strawberry scented shower gel, raspberry scented candles and lavender bath oil, followed by a chocolate-scented lotion. It can easily turn into a scent overload and result in a headache. But keeping to the same scent on all can get slightly boring. So keep to scents that work well together, or that are light and discreet. Rose candles work with nearly any product, if you like you can mix chocolate/vanilla/spices. Just try keeping it in the same group, floral/fruity/spicy. Or, go unscented if you prefer.



The warmth from the bathwater helps relieve tension.
Comfortable clothes in nice feeling materials help with a luxurious feeling.
The products you use also matter. Some lotions can feel sticky, and that’s not a nice feeling to be left with. So find products you feel great with.


 Home Spa 4.jpg



If you eat or drink something you like it makes you feel good because of hormones being released. But choose something light, don’t eat an entire pizza since you might fall into food coma. Some suggestions are:

Fruit – It’s sweet, filled with vitamins and antioxidants. Choose fruit you can cut up into bite sized pieces.
Chocolate – Does this really need an explanation, I mean, it’s chocolate! Whether you go with pieces, candy or a cookie is up to you. 
Crackers and Cheese –Cheese and crackers are delicious. Small lightly salted crackers and a lightly flavoured cream cheese can be a great spa snack.

Water – Hydrating and cooling. Try mixing it with some fruit. You can even prepare a bottle a few hours before so the fruit flavor really infuses.
Tea – Warm beverage works better for after the bath than during. But curling up with a book and a cup of tea is always nice.
Wine – Just as the chocolate, no real explanation necessary, it’s wine! Red or white doesn’t really matter. Just remember that red can induce migraines if you’re prone to them.


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So take a relaxing night for yourself, get your products ready, prepare your snacks and sink into the blissful feeling of a home spa. You deserve it!


Written by: Linda Edenström

Image source: reenasalonspa.com