Holi Hai: Beauty Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know This Holi

Avani Poddar

Holi is here and we all are super excited for the celebrations and festive cheers.Holi-the festival of colours is yet another day to cherish, have fun, party hard and play with colours that can instantly brighten up the mood. Before soaking yourself in the colourful water follow up this guide that will not only help you in celebrating the true essence and spirit of the festival but will also take good care of your skin and hair.

Here are really easy beauty hacks to protect your hair and skin from the damaging effects of the holi colours.


#1 Wear a Sunscreen


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Apply sunscreen on every part of your body which is exposed. The constant exposure to sun can tan away your skin and make it dry and dehydrated. All the precautions apply to your arms and feet as well. The chemicals in the colours will make your lips pale and dry. Moisturize them with a lip balm so as to prevent chapped lips.


#2 Massage your hair, hands and feet with oil


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Coconut oil does wonders for the skin and hair. Apply generous amount of coconut oil over your scalp and hair concentrating on the roots and ends. Oiling forms a protective layer and prevents the colours from seeping in. For removing colours from the body, you can always pick up sesame oil which combats the harmful effects caused by sun damage. Also avoid waxing,threading,cleanups and facials 3-4 days before Holi.


#3 Decorate your nails with trendy nail paints


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Take care of your nails by applying a thick coat of your favourite nail paint in the morning. Don't forget the cuticles that go through a lot as the colours, gulaal accumulates deep within. Moisturize and oil them nicely to keep them pretty and protected.


#4 Use herbal and organic colours


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Playing Holi without any colours would be like eating food without any spices. Colours contain toxic ingredients that could cause itching, skin rashes ultimately leading to skin infections. Buy natural and organic colours and its best if you use homemade colours.


#5 Drink water


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Before you start playing with colours drink plenty of water to keep your body dehydrated. Avoid oily food and control your hunger cravings.Keep sipping liquids, juices while you are enjoying and dancing on the floor.


#6 Wear soft, cotton clothes


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Opt for full-sleeved clothes and avoid heavy denims and synthetics. Wear loose, comfortable tops and bottoms that don’t stick to the skin. Go for salwar kameez looking like the perfect Bollywood diva and dancing yourself to the peppy numbers.


#7 Use cold water


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Rinse your hair and splash your face with lukewarm water or tap water to wash off all colours. Try using liquid wash or cleanser instead of soap. Rub lemon wedges on your skin which acts as a natural bleaching agent useful in removing colour stains. Lemon juice mixed with honey is a perfect component for lightening Holi colours.


#8 Magic of homemade packs


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Post Holi your main focus is to get rid of the stains and the best thing that can help you on this is the magic ingredients present in your kitchen. You can prepare a highly effective pack with curd, besan or gram flour,turmeric and few drops of olive oil. All of these exfoliates the skin helping it to get back to its original glow and complexion. For faster results, use the above mentioned pack on alternate days post Holi.

Wishing You all a very Happy Holi!