These Mad Wedding Videos Will Seriously Make You Go ROFL!

Sruthi P Nambiar

Dear all the to be wedded couples, we understand that weddings can be stressful. Things don’t always go the way you had planned it to be. People keep a watch and judge the way you did everything. There are so many things to plan! The food, the table setting, the flowers, the table cloths, the cutlery, the outfits for every function, the perfect makeup and hair to go with it, the guest list and last but not the least, a very good photographer and videographer.

Since you have the prying eyes of many following you at such times, you need the trendiest and best thing out there. You need to make your wedding the most talked about in your circle for the right reasons.

Take note from the list below and record some very amusing videos that will make your wedding an even more memorable one. You will be giving them the best wedding as a guest because they got a chance to be part of it all!


A single-take video that could possibly be hard to coordinate but is truly enjoyable to be part of. Not just that, it will be pure joy to look back to this.



Let the music take over your booty! Imagine looking back to this after 10 years, looking at those aunties and uncles just being as silly as you, because they are just so happy for you. Beautiful, won't it be? All the colors and smiles just make everything heart warming.



Big families and awesome venues make the whole thing even better. We all know how big Indian weddings can get, so making a music video or two should be very easy!



Though it is not just the Indian weddings that have all the fun. Bring in the bubbles and crazy dancing!




Again. The family and friends’ madness! I think we all need a little more of such silly dancing and expressions in our daily life.  



Wouldn’t it be great to get all your friends and relatives on a unified platform, being just as insane as you? Of course, it would be. This slow motion video shows that anything is allowed during a wedding! Even ruining those expensive lovely dresses because memories last longer.



These videos are more than good cinematography or editing or ideas. The real beauty of it lies behind those smiles and love. You could see the joy and love in the eyes of everyone in the video. Hence, even the shy ones don’t seem too shy.

The best part about these videos is that you don’t need an expensive photographer to come along with his camera crew. All you need is a camera and some very happy people who are willing to dance. Two left feet dancers would make the video even better! You can not go wrong with this!

So, be your goofy self and rock that dance floor like no one is looking. Well, technically, the camera is looking. But let it look, because it is capturing the best of you.