Marks Make No Marks- The Truth About The Rumours Surrounding Board Exams In India by Vir Das

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Board Exams all across the country has either started or is about to start. In India, it’s considered to be the qualifier round for your career. If you are writing your secondary exams, it’s the first round and if it’s the 12th boards, then that’s qualifier round 2. The career that you will opt for will be determined by your performance. If you perform well in Science and Mathematics, you are certainly cut out for engineering, if only Mathematics then go for Commerce, if not good at any of these, then you are the loser, better take Arts. Seriously? The Indian education system isn’t kidding with us?

How can anyone decide the future of a kid considering marks as the criteria? Does getting higher scores actually matter? Ask the people who are in college or are working. Do their marks hold any importance now? They’ll always say, “NO”. It’s just a matter of time and then marks won’t matter. You just need to be average and that’ll do.

Many successful people have often talked about the unwanted fuss about the board exams. This time it’s another versatile Bollywood actor Vir Das taking up the cause. He is a very young actor, musician, stand-up comedian and a column writer.

On his official Facebook page, Vir Das talked about the topper culture prevalent in India where all that matters is marks. Though, he has tried to convey to the young people that Marks Make No Mark in the long run.



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To make students understand that people who aren’t toppers can even make a difference in their lives and be successful, he uploaded his 12th board exam results.



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And, it’s evident that Vir Das was just an average student and yet he has had a successful career.

He wrote six points and dedicated it to the students appearing for their board exams. Let’s see what this actor has to convey to the young minds bearing intense pressure of their board exams.

To all the Kids who are going to be sitting for their Board Exams. Best of luck. I don't have much wisdom to offer, I'm not a particularly wise person.....but I know about 6 things. I'm sharing them with you.

How you are going to do is not certain. What is certain is the following:

1. These exams WILL NEVER define who you are inside.
2. With each passing year the importance that you and everyone around you attaches to these exams will fade away.
3. Whether your results are amazing or not doesn't prevent your personality from being amazing. At the end of each day of your life people remember who you are not how you did.
4. If you do well, you have a moral responsibility to look out for those that didn't and give them love and support. If you don't do well, you have a moral responsibility to everyone that loves and supports you...to take care of yourself.
5. Your parents love you, and they are proud of you. No matter how strangely, silently, loudly, or indirectly they show it...they always will be.

Breathe! You're better than this piece of paper.

Best of Luck. 

His Facebook post has made a worldwide impression with 4400 shares in just two days. There has been an overwhelming response from people agreeing to the actor. It’s a good effort trying to boost up the confidence of the examinees who often succumb to the pressure of the board exams.